How to create the Apple ID for Development

To develop the iOS App, you need the Xcode which is IDE (= Integrated Development Environment). You can freely download it from the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store needs Apple ID. You can also create Apple ID free.


It is better that create the Apple ID for Development

You can use Apple ID that you using usually to download Xcode. I have been using usually Apple ID to purchase apps.

However, it is better that you create the Apple ID for development to register to the Developer Program than using usual Apple ID. For example,

  • To avoid problems from beta OS, especially from iCloud.
  • If your native language is other than English, it is better that name, address and so on are written in English than your native language to avoid unexpected bugs.

How to create the Apple ID

You can create the Apple ID by follow these steps:

  1. Open the Apple Web Site. ( )
  2. Click “Support” link.
  3. Click “Apple ID” link.
  4. Click “Go to your Apple ID account page” link.
  5. Click “Create your Apple ID” link.

Follow to the page.