UIWebView will be no longer accepted

To use the embedded web browser in an iOS App, you have three choices:

  • UIWebView Class
  • WKWebView class
  • SFSafariViewController class

The long time past since the UIWebView class have been deprecated, now, The AppStore will be no longer accept apps that are using the UIWebView class.

Updating Apps that Use Web Views

According to above post, the AppStore will be no longer accept new apps are using UIWebView class as of April 2020, app updates using UIWebView class as of December 2020.

The way to replace UIWebView to WKWebView, review following article.


On December 23 2019, the following article was post to the Developer News And Updates: Updating Apps that Use Web Vi[…]


What to do?

Basically you need replace UIWebView with WKWebView, but in some case, you can use SFSafariViewController.

For example, if your app simply show the support web site or the login page which is using OAuth2, you can use SFSafariViewController.

SFSafariViewController has a feature of Safari.

When you display login page are using OAuth2, you set the redirect URL to app deep link URL. The SFSafariViewController can be hidden, your app may hides SFSafariViewController and shows the progress indicator.

If you are not sure which class is better, see the next article:


In general, The WKWebView class is better choice when you replace the UIWebView class. However, in some cases, the SFSa[…]