• 2020-02-19
  • 2020-02-19

What is Rust? How to install it? Introduction to Rust.

Talking with a friend and became a topic of “Rust”. I heard that it seems to be an interesting language, and I love C/C++, which is likely to be my favorite language. This article says that: What is Rust? How to Install it. How to compile and run. What is Rust? The Rust is a programming language. It is a system language and have been developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is usually supposed to be used for developing software that requires high performance such as written in C/C++, and the goad is to replace C/C++. The Rust has a compiler and export the native executable binary, so the Rust is not needed when the developed software runs. The official web site is here: Rust Programming Language The latest version is 1.36.0. (at this article was written) Installing Rust It is easy to install tools to develop with Rust, and a guide in the official is also simple. Do following in terminal on Unix Compatible OS such as macOS and Linux. $ curl -sSf | sh On Windows, download the installer from next page. Install Rust – Rust Programming Language First Step To Rust First, add the path to tools, […]