• 2020-03-11

Docker: Check the Privacy Configuration if you use Docker on macOS Catalina 10.15

The Docker can mount the folder in host OS to share with container. This article says check points if this function doesn’t work fine. The running environment of this article is macOS Catalina 10.15. When the host OS is macOS, the privacy settings also needed to be checked. Situation I have been using the web server which is running on the docker container to develop. The content files are in the folder which is shared with the container, because I want to edit them quickly. The configuration file of the Docker Composer is following: I ran this container and access it, but the web browser said 404 Not Found error. When I move the folder contains files including docker-compose.yml to another location, the container works fine. What You Should Check This is a checklist for this situation. Is /usr/share/nginx/html exists? Can you see the contents of /usr/share/nginx/html ? Is ./content_home exists in host OS? Does docker has rights such as permission to the ./content_home in host OS? Check the Container Check the /usr/share/nginx/html in the container. The html is output so the html is exists. Next, check the contents. I couldn’t access to the contents of the folder, it seems that the docker doesn’t have the permission to […]